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Name:Anne Somers

Title:Assistant to the Headmistress

Age:18 (college)

Favorite Characters:Buffy and Riley

Favorite Episode:Hush

Favorite Quote:
Xander: "I'll have to go with Dead Boy on this one."
Angel: "Do NOT call me that."
-Lie to Me

Q: What event(s) in buffyverse relate to your life and how? Any really strange parallels?
A: My boyfriend's name is Riley.
My friend looks like Angel
My best friend's a witch and her bf's name is Oz.

Ashley's note: Am I the only one that stopped believing after the 2nd one..? But what do I know?

Q: Do your friends/family have any weird reactions to how much you like the show or are you a closet watcher?
A: No. I watch with friends but they are freaked out at how our town is like Sunnydale and I'm like Buffy.

Q: Short bio/addtional comments?
A: ummm.... if the apocolypse comes.. beep me.