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Age:17 (Senior in High School)

Favorite Characters:Willow and Faith

Favorite Episode:haven't seen any (you know why, sarah!)

Q: What event(s) in buffyverse relate to your life and how? Any really strange parallels?
A: well.. Willow is a witch like me.. and I didn't realize it but I cut my hair just like hers, and my streak that was blonde is now the same colour red as her full head of hair. Pretty cool. ^_^

Q: Do your friends/family have any weird reactions to how much you like the show or are you a closet watcher?
A: I'm a wannabe. =)

Q: Short bio/addtional comments?
A: I was born to a mother who loved me but really didn't know how to take care of me. My parents separated because my mother loved my father enough to know she'd be dragging him down if they stayed married. He got me, and I was raised with him. He raised me well but I always had interests far beyond my age and that caused problems. Now I am an artist, a writer, an actress... anything I can apply creativity to.