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Name:Crystal Austin

Title:Assistant Fanfic Writer

Homepage:Crystal's Kick-Vamp Archive

Age:freshman in college

Favorite Characters:Spike & Willow

Favorite Episode:Dopplegangland

Favorite Quote:
Giles: "All right then. I'll just jump into my time machine and go back to the twelfth century and ask the vampires to postpone their anchient prophecy for a few days while you take in dinner and a show!" Buffy: "Okay, now you're abusing sarcasm."
- Never Kill a Boy on the First Date

Q: What event(s) in buffyverse relate to your life and how? Any really strange parallels?
A: We graduated from HS the same year; Hmm, I'm a really big anglo-phile; My father's side of the family's Jewish; I was essentially Willow- bookworm, really smart, relative loner, liked red hair, really good with computers, and spent most of my time in the library

Q: Do your friends/family have any weird reactions to how much you like the show or are you a closet watcher?
A: I'm *way* too much into the show. My mom says that it's the work of the devil 'cause it deals with vampires and spells and stuff. I act like I'm in it, in a way, and that freaks my friend out. But, that helps when I'm trying to write stories.

Q: Short bio/addtional comments?
A: Um, not going to go into *too* much details, but, one thing I will say is that C.A. isn't my real name. Um, freshman in college. Love to write. Have my own website. Never had a boyfriend. red hair (dyed), green-blue eyes, glasses. Boys-are-jerks complex. Sarcastic streak.

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