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Slayers Anonymous

DISCLAIMER: If you recognize the characters then they don't belong to the author.

SPOILERS: If its aired, you're for-warned.

Authors Notes: Please send me feedback! This idea just popped in myhead one day, and now it's not only a story, it's also a website! < > denotes thoughts. ~ ~ used for messages on webpage.

Part 1

Willow sat at her computer typing furiously. Clicking on her FTP link she sent the page. Finally. She checked to make sure it was published then sat back to admire her work.

The idea had come to her about a week ago. Willow had been working so hard on getting it done that she had even ditched all her friends. She wouldn't even tell them what it was. She was proud of herself. Slayers Anonymous. Maybe a little corny, but she thought it was cool. It's a club-type deal where people who knew of vampires could talk and trade notes anonymously. Vampires weren't just in Sunnydale, and there had to be other people out there who knew about them. Tomorrow she would tell the gang about it. She wasn't too sure about telling Giles though. He was pretty cool and all, but she figured he would have some kind of not good response. Willow knew it was a little bit risky, and they had to be careful because of it being over the internet, but she really thought it would work. She knew all the stuff people could do on a computer. < After all I am the hacker. > When she was done shutting down the computer she climbed into bed for the night.

The next day at the library Willow decided to tell everyone about the site. She was a little apprehensive, but figured everyone would like it for the most part. "Hey Everyone!"

"Oh, hey Willow" Buffy said before turning back to her conversation with Giles, who simply gave Willow a nod of his head.

"Xander, hi! I have to tell you about this new site I created!"

"Sorry Wills, but I gotta go. Tell me about it later, k?"

"Um, Ok" Willow said with a slightly dejected look. < Oh, well. I'll just check and see if I have any members yet. > Sitting down at the computer she was in a slightly better mood, until she checked her page. Nothing. < This sucks. Maybe I should post some messages or send out some e-mails to get it going! > With that thought in mind she set to work. < The research for Giles could wait a few minutes, he certainly didn't seem to care. Wonder what he's talking about with Buffy anyways? >

"Buffy, we have to figure out what this prophecy means. I've nev-never heard of anything like it. Someone who unites all the slayers of the world. This is going to be big."

"Back up, there's more than one slayer?"

"Huh, oh uhm, yes. The uhm, uh Council - uh - It's forbidden, uh - You're not supposed to know about it. I wasn't supposed to say anything." Giles exclaimed while rubbing the bridge of his nose. "There are slayers strategically placed throughout the world. Only they all think they're the only one. The Council deemed it necessary for the slayers so they wouldn't - slack off, so to speak. If you were to ask the Council, they would disavow any knowledge of the other slayers."

"So there are other slayers out there, who could help me here on the Hellmouth, and I don't know about them?" Buffy questioned with a slightly raised voice.

"Yes, now keep your voice down. You must not let Xander and Willow know yet. I shouldn't have told you about the other slayers, but this prophecy kind of made me. You weren't supposed to know until all the slayers were united. Hopefully the council will deem it wise to let the other slayers know. That could be a great help to finding out who this Universal Slayer is."

"Universal Slayer?"

"Yes, the person who unites everyone. I wonder who it could be? No one here knows that there are other slayers."

Part 2

Willow looked around the library to see if anyone else was there. Then she looked back down at what she had just read. Then she looked back up around the library. Shocked and amazed, she wasn't sure what to do. < If this is true, Oh my gosh! I don't know what to do. Should I tell Giles? No, he probably already knows. Maybe I could talk to him about it though. Slayers in other parts of the world. Slayers as in more than one! > Willow read over the passage in the book again.

There is one chosen one, for each of the fourteen sections. Two per continent. They have no knowledge of the others, and the Council will also disavow knowledge. Only watchers have access to this information. They are sworn to never tell their slayer, until after the coming of the Universal One.

Willow read it through a few more times, feeling thoroughly confused. < Universal One? Fourteen chosen ones? I have to talk to Giles. >

As luck would have it Giles and Buffy came into the library. Seeing Buffy Willow had doubts as to whether or not she should approach them and let them in on what she knew. Deciding Buffy would probably throw a fit, she decided to take the book home and wait until later to talk to Giles alone. He was also still wrapped up in whatever he was researching. < Wonder why Buffy's in on it, and Xander and I aren't. Guess it's one of those slayer only things or something. Who knows? > She slipped out with the book without so much as a nod from either one of them. They were really into whatever it was they were researching.

Sitting at home that night Willow decided to check her webpage again. It was basically a big message board because she hadn't gotten a whole lot of extras yet. She didn't know exactly what kind of stuff to put on there. She was going to try to add a classification system for the demons and vampires,but that would come later. < Hope those e-mails helped. And the posts. I went to so many message boards! They better have helped > Looking at the page Willow let a slow smile come across her face. She had a message. < Wow, an actual message. May not be much but at least someone knows It's here. >

~ Love the sight, good idea! I like stakes personally. ~ Anon.

< Well, it's not much but it's a start. Too bad they didn't leave some kind of a name. Oh well, it is Slayers Anonymous after all. > She thought as she clicked on the reply button.

~ Thanks! I'm not sure how to get this going, but here goes nothing. Right now I'm researching the Dark Goddess. I find it quite intriguing. This person is supposed to be the next big thing to come along since the slayer. Please reply if you know anything. If you want, send e-mail. ~ Saille

Willow smiled. She couldn't wait to get a response. < This is so cool! Wonder what people will think of my name. I picked it because it means Willow. Wonder how you actually pronounce the thing. I say Sigh-ye, kinda like a french thing. I'm sure some people pronounce it more like it's spelled. Oh well. >

Picking up the book she brought home Willow again wondered about this universal person. The Dark Goddess that she was researching sounded somewhat like it could be the universal one. This was really weird. < I'll definitely have to read up and see what I can figure out. > In another book she was using Willow finally found the passage that referred to the Dark Goddess.

The Dark Goddess is a solitary woman who will bring the world together for a common cause.

< Not too vague is it? > Willow thought sarcastically. < The Dark Goddess. Sounds bad. Could she be uniting all the evil stuff of the world? Could it be some kind of face off between her and the universal one? I really need to talk to Giles. Wonder if I should tell Xander, or maybe Angel. He's been around a while, maybe he knows about this stuff. >

Deciding to talk to Angel made Willow feel a little bit better. After restoring his soul she felt she could talk to him about almost anything. It was a good feeling, especially when Xander was off with Cordelia so much. < After I talk to Angel, then I'll decide whether or not to go to Giles. > Smiling happily because she came up with a solution, Willow went to bed for the night. < Funny > she thought before she went to sleep. < Buffy hasn't needed any help slaying lately. Wonder where the vamps went? >

Part 3

"There is definitely a shortage of vamps around here" Buffy said to Giles in the library the next day. "It's weird. It's totally giving me the wiggins. I mean why would the vamps all of the sudden disappear at the same time this Universal Slayer is supposed to be coming around. They would not run off and hide. Makes me wonder what's up."

"You're right Buffy, there is something weird about it all." Giles said, rubbing his temples. < That must be habit forming > Buffy thought. "I'm uhm, not sure how the two connect. I don't think they all would be running away either. What was it I had Willow researching? Do you remember?"

"Nope, no clue. But shouldn't she have reported back to you by now or shared with the group?"

"Yes, but we've been so busy discussing this whole Universal Slayer that neither one of us has paid any attention to her or Xander. Or anything else for that matter." Giles looked up at Buffy "The Dark Goddess, that 's it!"

"I agree with the first part, but you don't want them to know about the Universal Slayer. Who's the Dark Goddess?"

"The Dark Goddess is who Willow is researching right now. Wonder if she's found anything?"

Willow was sitting at her computer reading the latest messages. < Only two days and this thing has really taken off. I don't know if I can keep up. > She decided to scan through some of the messages and then pick which ones she should actually read. < I guess there really aren't that many > she thought as she finished reading them in a matter of minutes. Most of the messages were really short anyways. Willow selected about three to actually pay attention to. The rest of them just said good sight, yada yada. The first one gave reference to the Dark Goddess.

~ Hi! I've heard of the Dark Goddess. She's supposed to be this really bad chic who tries to unite forces of evil or something like that. There's supposed to be only one person who can stop her, but I have no clue as to who that is. ~ Anon.

< Hmm, wonder who can stop her? Wonder why I haven't come across anything that says she's evil. I wonder if this universal one is supposed to be able to stop her? On to the next message. >

~ Hey! The Universal One is supposed to be able to stop the Dark Goddess. Only thing I know is that they both unite their respective forces and go at it. Only problem is there are a lot more vamps and demons than there are slayers. ~ Anon.

< I'm sick of these anon things. Ugh, I didn't realize how much that would get on my nerves. Don't they have a screen name or something? Last one with any real reference in it. >

~ The Dark Goddess is the next big thing to come along, and she's going to kick some ass. Whoever the Universal One is doesn't stand a chance. Besides, there's only one slayer, so what can two slayers do against an army of vamps and demons? Good luck finding help. Ha Ha. ~ Vamp

< Hmm, that one was cordially signed, wasn't it? Guess it can't all be good. I wonder who this Universal One is. According to that last message it should be a slayer, but is it one of the fourteen or someone else? I have to talk to Angel, and Giles. >

With that thought in mind she decided to head over to the mansion where Angel stayed. It wasn't quite yet dark, so they would have plenty of time to talk tonight.

"Um, Angel? Are you here?" < I hope he's home. >

"Hey Willow. Over here." Angel called from the kitchen.

"Oh, Hi! Uh, I was wondering if you could help me with something?" Willow asked, not at all sure how to express what she knew.

"Ok. What do you need? Is it a new prophecy you're working on or what?"

"Yeah, it's a new prophecy. It's about the Universal One. Have you heard of it?" Willow asked, even though she could tell he had by the look on his face. < He's so cute trying to act somewhat surprised when he's not. >

"What exactly do you know about this Universal One? It's kinda of like a big secret."

"That's what I figured. That's why I came to talk to you Angel."

"Oh." Angel said with a look on his face saying duh, I should've known that.

"All I really know is that this Universal One is going to unite all the slayers to fight off something. I think that something may be the Dark Goddess. I've been doing research on her for Giles. She's supposed to unite a bunch of people too, but according to a post on the webpage they're all demons and vampires. So she's the bad guy and the universal is good." Willow quickly said, noting that Angel didn't seem surprised by any of this. "I haven't told anyone else. I didn't feel like hearing Buffy when she found out there were other slayers, and I just wasn't ready to face Giles yet. I'm pretty sure he'd flip over the webpage deal."

"Okay, I follow all of that except for the webpage. Care to enlighten me?"

"Okay, but you're going to tell me what you know." Willow said with her resolve face firmly in place. "I created a webpage called Slayers Anonymous so people could talk about vampires and stuff anonymously. I didn't know there were any other slayers at the time. I didn't find that out until later. Anyways, the webpage is like a big message board. It's not all that great, but it is kinda cool. And that's how I learned the Dark Goddess is bad. Okay, you're turn."

"That really isn't the most reliable source, is it?"

"No. That's why I haven't told Giles."

"Okay. The webpage sounds cool, but not totally reliable. Here's what I know. The Universal One is the Universal Slayer. She will unite the other fourteen slayers of the world. I don't know how. Other than that I don't know a whole lot. I think you're right about the Dark Goddess being evil, I've heard that she and the Universal Slayer will face off and have a huge battle thing, all over the world. Once again, I don't know how. Oh, the Universal Slayer is also supposed to be immortal. That's all I know."

"Well, it's more than I had to begin with. I wonder if I should go to Giles yet? Maybe I should just look for some more info on my own. What do you think?"

"I'd go with trying to find more info. I'll see what I can find out from Whistler. Also, keep up with that webpage thing. May not be totally reliable, but it could still help."

"All right. I get the picture. You do not trust my webpage. Drop it okay?"

"Okay, Okay. I'm sorry." Angel replied with his hands up for defense.

"Thank you." Willow replied curtly, and somewhat sarcastically. "I'll talk to you later."

"Hey Willow, wait. I'll walk you home."

"Okay." Willow said giving Angel a quizzical look. < Vampire activity is down, and I don't really need all that much help. I've gotten pretty good at defending myself. Guess he just wants to talk about this Universal Slayer some more. >

Part 4 to be posted soon.

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