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Q: Where on earth did you get this idea?
A: I've always wondered about what made people write the fic they do and what the authors are like. Maybe I'm weird and I'm the only one who cares or doesn't know everyone. Anyway, this is my way of kinda finding out.

Q: What's with the school thing?
A: Just my weird idea. It sorta turned out a little like the Solia Institute which was invented by my friend Amanda.

Q: Why do you have both BtVS and Angel stuff if its called the Buffy Institute?
A: The Buffy Institute sounds better and is shorter than the Buffy and Angel Institute. Besides its all things Buffy and Angel has to do w/ Buffy. I'm rationalizing again. Sorry.

Q: Why do you use pictures of [insert name] if they aren't one the show anymore?
A: I'm in denial. Faith, Kendra, Oz, and Doyle will return at some point!! (Faith did! I told you so!)

Q: Wesley is in the Angel cast but there are no pictures/quotes of him. Why?
A: I really hated Wesley prior to I've Got You Under My Skin and I made most of the original graphics before then. Now that I'm starting to like him, if I get I get enough Wesley fic, he'll get a section.

Q: How do I become a Faculty member?
A: Email me and tell me how you'd like to work on the page. I would be very happy.

Q: What programs are used to make this page?
A: All graphics are made with PaintShop Pro 5.0 and Eye Candy Filters or Adobe Photoshop 5.0. Paperport is used to scan in some pictures. I use ShoeString's PictureDicer v.39 to dice some of my graphics. All HTML is written (typed) by hand in Notepad except the table HTML used for the diced pictures. WYSIWYG HTML editers are evil! *cough*MrWilson*cough*. I confess that I used javascript from once when I couldn't get the script to work handtyped and it was past one am. Actually its 1:34 am now and I have to get up early tomorrow. Hey, if Riley can be late for church, I can too.

Q: Can I get these programs for free?
A: You can download ShoeString's PictureDicer here. Its freeware. Other programs you can only get the Faith way: "Want, Take, Have" Technically you should pay.