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Ashley R. (A.K.A. Whimsy, ZoŽ): My best friend. She's a sophomore (grade below me) but she's in some of my classes cause she's really smart. She moved to my school in March of 1999.

Kasi (A.K.A. KC, Marie): One of my other best friends. She's a junior. I've known Kasi since elementary school. She's one of the most trustworthy people I know.

Amanda W.: Another one of my friends from school. Also a junior. We've had similar difficult situations so thats made us closer recently.

Cindy: I've know Cindy since 1st grade but i didn't really get to know her until 5th grade. We've been best friends at times but we've had a lot of difficulties. But I think we actually came out of our problems with a different level of friendship. I think we'll always be friends because if we still are after all thats happened then i doubt much worse can happen now. (knock on wood.) There's a lot stuff that Cindy understands that most people don't. Cindy transfered to another school last year so we don't talk as much but i still know she'll be there if i really need her.

Linda: My 19 year-old sister.

Ballet Magnificat: The Christian dance company whose workshop I attended the summers of 1998 & 1999. A life changing experiance.

Angel: My counselor both years that I went to Ballet Magnificat. She thaught me a lot about myself & about God. I miss her like crazy & i think about her all the time. She was the first person i met that i was able to talk to. i feel like she really cares about me even though i don't get to see her. she made me feel safe which is something few people have done & she helped me to deal with what happened to me in the past.

Michael (A.K.A. Mike): I met mike in sept '98 i think. He's one of my favorite people to talk to cuz he really understands me most of the time & even when i'm wrong he doesn't judge me. He's Christian which might seem unimportant but even though thats not a requirement, its really great to have someone to talk to about my beliefs and ideals about God.

Julie: I first met julie about 6 years ago, the 1st year i was in the Nutcracker. Although she's about 4 years younger that me we've been in the same dance class since a couple of years ago. As i got to know Julie better she became like my little sister. I'm kinda protective of her & i'd do anything for her. She's an extremly talented dancer.

Kimberly (A.K.A. Kim): Julie's little sister. She's kinda like my little sister also.

Jane: Julie & Kimberly's mom. Sometimes i wish she were my mom cuz she's really great to talk to and she understands whats important to me. sometimes she reacts like i wish my mom would & that helps me deal w/ a lot of stuff. It helps to know she's there for me if anything happens.

Amanda B. (A.K.A. Mandy, Manda, Xena): My online big sis even if she's only about a year older. i know she's always there for me and i luv her like crazy. It really helps me to know shes there even when i cant talk to her. She's helped me through a lot of difficult things & she's a really great listener. She lives right in Texas so i'm gonna go see her sometime!

Patrick: I've know Patrick since I was about 6 months old so I consider him to be my brother. He's a Junior, about 6 months older than me.

Whitney: Julie's age and in my dance class. I feel about her much like I do Julie.

Rhea Claire: Whitney's little sister.

Stephanie: My dance teacher since the 4th grade. One of my main role models.